Wcome-and-take-it-blue-bellhen the Blue Bell ice cream company halted production due to a listeria issue in their plants, people in the south didn’t know what to do with themselves. Especially in Texas, where Blue Bell is more than ice cream. Not having Blue Bell over the summer of 2015 was thought of as a state travesty.

So I made a graphic in the spirit of the Lone Star state and the Battle of Gonzales, the first fight for Texas independence from Mexico. It’s where the infamous “Come and Take It” flag made its first appearance.

It’s a flag of pride for citizens of the Lone Star, and known nationwide by gun enthusiasts to proclaim their feelings about their rights. I used it for ice cream.

The graphic went on Twitter and went viral. RTs were plenty. Signs were made. It was everywhere. And so was I.

The media appearances below are a sample of the places that interviewed me during the struggle to deal with not having “the best ice cream in the country.”